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  • Regulatory keynote address from RBA
  • Full agenda and list of expert speakers
  • 350+ senior FX and investment professionals
  • 120+ global and regional financial instituations



8:00 Registration

08:55 Chairwoman's opening remarks

Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

09:00 Regulatory keynote address: The global code of conduct for the exchange market: final phase

Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor, RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA

9:30 Presentation: Outlook for the USD under the Trump administration and the implications for the Australian dollar

Richard Grace, Chief Currency Strategist, Head of International Economics, COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA

10:00 Morning coffee break

10:20 Presentation: Holistic approach to currency management 

  • Effective end-to-end currency management framework
  • Why does governance matter so much?
  • Why are there more "unknown unknowns" in FX than any other risk asset class?
  • How should you prioritise FX risk?

Richard Kerr, Investment Director, IFM

10:50 Panel discussion: FX management for superannuation funds 

  • As the offshore investments for funds continue to grow, how can they optimally manage the FX exposure?
  • What is the role of FX in asset allocation?
  • A total fund or asset class?
  • Internal vs. external strategy and execution
  • Choosing the right approach for your fund: active vs passive or combination of both?

Moderator:Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Chris Loong, Executive Director, Institutional FX Sales, Global Markets, COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA
Mark Ferguson, ‎Senior Portfolio Manager, Currency, AUSTRALIANSUPER
Stuart Simmons, Senior Portfolio Manager, QIC
Andrew Fisher, Portfolio Manager, SUNSUPER

11:40 Panel discussion: Liquidity, best execution and clearing- the new trading paradigm

  • The impact of fragmented liquidity and rising volatility on trading and execution decisions
  • The rise of specialist liquidity providers and the great liquidity unbundling
  • Evaluating liquidity quality along new metrics - a move towards sophisticated analytics and best execution
  • Ensuring best execution - a question of process or costs
  • The march of clearing in foreign exchange - prospects for growth and its impact on market structure

Moderator: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Chris Ellis, Division Director, MACQUARIE GROUP 

12:30 Networking lunch

13:30 Industry dialogue: The evolving dynamics in credit, FXPB and clearing

  • Is the way credit offered traditionally, broken?
  • What can the market expect in terms of costs around FXPB and clearing?
  • Will an OTC-clearing solution in FX prove to be a game-changer?
  • The separation of credit and execution - will it ever happen?
  • The share of clearing in FX is expected to grow exponentially - how and to what extent will such a development impact market structure

Moderator: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Marcus Robinson, Asia Pacific Head of Rates & FX Derivatives, LCH
Craig Robertson, Director, Asia Pacific Marketing, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Futures & Options and OTC Clearing

14:10 Panel discussion: Hedging strategies for offshore real assets

  • Complexities of hedging real assets relative to listed equities and FI
  • Hedging with cross currency swaps compared with FX forwards or options
  • Single asset or portfolio hedging
  • Using derivatives under liquidity and regulatory constraints
  • Differentiation between asset and sponsor level hedging

Moderator: David Baré, Director, Client Risk Solutions, COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA
Richard Kerr, Investment Director, IFM
Debbie Saunders, Principal Adviser, WHITEHELM CAPITAL

15:00 Afternoon coffee break

15:20 Corporate treasurers' panel discussion: Strategies to tackle the challenges facing corporate hedging

Australia's economic outlook is positive as headwinds to growth ease and tailwinds pick up. Globally however, a range of unknowns and risks lie ahead. After an extended period of very low interest rates globally and historically low volatility, events abroad have the potential to rapidly inject genuine two-way risk into the market. With volatility expected to increase, corporate treasurer's need a robust FX risk management framework that addresses the risks for different industries. This discussion will shed light on:

  • The macro environment and impact on corporates
  • The treasury risk management framework, including hedge policy and instruments
  • Managing currency exposures in the times of Brexit and Trump presidency
  • FX risk management for China and Asia more broadly
  • The regulatory landscape and impact on pricing


Moderator: Hope Gatis, Executive Director Client Risk Solutions, COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA
Cecilia Ho, Treasurer, Risk Management, QANTAS 
Vincent Chin, Head of Treasury, GOODMAN|
Kaneran Mudeliar, Head of Risk & Liquidity, Group Treasury, LEND LEASE

16:10 Industry roundtables

Led by an expert speaker, each roundtable will provide delegates with an opportunity to delve deeper into the controversial issues that arise throughout the day and that are causing concerns in the industry at present. Get your most pressing questions answered by senior experts and peers.

Roundtable I: The impact of non-cleared margins

  • How will forthcoming margin requirements affect the way the industry interacts with central counterparties?
  • How realistic are the capital benefits associated with clearing?
  • Is self-clearing a potential option?
  • Is there space for FX clearing?

Roundtable II: The future of Blockchain in FX

  • Exploring blockchain's applicability- how can it be deployed successfully in the FX market?
  • At which stage(s) in the trade-life cycle can blockchain be applied most practically?
  • Overcoming hard trust objectives and realistic timeframes going forward

Roundtable III: Pros and cons- Last look

  • Can last look withstand ongoing regulatory scrutiny?
  • Arguments for and against - is the practice necessary?

Roundtable IV: FX Options market review

  • Changing business models due to regulation and practical implications
  • Are non-bank liquidity providers coming?
  • Clearing and exchange trading
  • Technology standards - are they meeting the market's needs?

16:50 Industry roundtables - quickfire summary

The nominated leader of each roundtable has 2 minutes to share the 3 key takeaways from their roundtable discussion.

Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

17:00 Chairwoman's closing remarks and end of conference





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