The premier annual event for FX professionals

FX Week is delighted to present the 4th annual FX Week Australia, the premier conference for foreign exchange market participants in Australia and Asia-Pacific.

Now in its fourth year, FX Week Australia 2018 is the must attend event for institutional foreign exchange professionals to learn about the latest industry practices, beating trade volatility, trading tactics and strategies used to manage risk exposure and enhance yields. Attendees will join over 300 stakeholders who attend each year from the buyside, banks, and vendors; the conference is the ultimate networking event for FX professionals.

The forex industry has gone through significant changes in the last year as it continues its transformation to become a more transparent and regulated market; evidenced by sweeping global regulatory changes such as FX Global Code of Conduct, EMIR and MIFID I. But the industry's rapid evolution and scalability will depend on its ability to upgrade existing infrastructures, relationships, and processes. Liquidity, credit, regulation, conduct issues and last look are just a few of the issues the industry needs to work out. Meanwhile, markets remain sedate even in the face of escalating geopolitical uncertainty. Finding ways to navigate and mitigate against these fluctuating themes and delivering a robust FX management program will be a key priorities for players in 2018.

2018 Key themes include:

  • Holistic look at global geopolitical and economic shifts impacting currency risk management
  • Last look response of the Global FX Code
  • Managing currencies of emerging market
  • Industry roundtables for an intimate conversation and debate with attendees on hedging practices, blockchain, exotic currency pairs, best execution in FX, algo trading, and MIFID II.
  • FX currency management in superannuation funds
  • Corporate treasury panel sharing session
  • Update on the latest concerning credit, clearing and collateral obligations