2019 Programme





Chairperson's opening remarks


Morning keynote address: Brexit’s impact on the Australian Market – Fragmentation of Servicing


 A macro perspective on FX

  • Central Banks divergence: what does it mean for AUD, economic growth and inflation?
  • Global slowdown: will 2020 witness another recession? How will central banks react and will the tools of the last recession be as effective?
  • What to do about the election elephant in the room: political uncertainty and the Australian economy?
  • Lower growth, flat incomes, commodity prices, climate change and Chinese investment- what next for Australia?

Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist (Australia, New Zealand and Global Commodities) and Managing Director, HSBC Bank Australia
Dr Alex Joiner, Chief Economist, IFM Investors


 Ask Me Anything session on FX with Regulators

  • Updates on the buy side out-reach and Global Code of Conduct
  • The ACCC’s and its inquiry into foreign exchange
  • Update on wholesale FX and better conduct
  • The post-Royal Commission environment

Chris Kent Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), Chair of the AFXC, Reserve Bank of Australia


Morning coffee and networking break


Costs of hedging

  • Cost of hedging and implications on investor flows
  • Implications on hedging decisions
  • Hedging emerging market currencies- all pain no gain

Richard Kerr, Executive Director – Currency, IFM Investors


Corporate treasurer panel: Decision-making in a volatile world

  • Risk management strategies in a time of Great Power competition & trade fragmentation
  • Australia’s trade moves in focus- what do new free trade agreements bring to the table?
  • How are Australian corporate treasurers adapting their hedging strategies in the face of the ongoing trade tension?
  • A dive into translation exposure strategies
  • Trends and best practice in the repatriation of assets from offshore

Dane Birdseye, Group Treasury Manager, Cochlear Limited
Danny Fischer, Group Treasurer, QBE


Debate on the fate of the US Dollar

  • Is the US pulling back from its leadership role?
  • Can another currency supplant the USD as a reserve currency?
  • Time for the Euro to shine?
  • What will all this mean for the Aussie Dollar?

Prof Kathy Walsh, University of Technology Sydney
Prof Warren Hogan, University of Technology Sydney


Networking lunch


Afternoon keynote address: Focus on supers - industrial vs retail in the wake of the Royal Commission’s findings


Super funds at a crossroads- change from within or without?

  • Finding the balance between operating costs and new investments, hedging strategies and products
  • Best practice in developing in-house FX strategy and execution
  • With increased complexity comes increased operational risks on the cyber-front and fraud - What are the trends in mitigating these risks?
  • Changing regulatory landscape – fund consolidation and mergers

Andrew Fisher, Manager, Asset Allocation, Sunsuper


Buy side in focus

  • Buy side trader issues - managing regulatory updates, doing more with less-electronification and automation
  • The shift towards cross asset trading
  • Decisions on sources of liquidity – transparency vs cost
  • Are buy-side actors clearing their FX and will Asian and regional banks clear their FX?
  • Are buy-side firms showing a preference for OTC over exchanges?


Innovation – the rise and rise of quants and algo

  • When to use algo-trading?
  • What are the latest innovations traders need to be aware of?
  • Pre-trade cost analysis and forecasting
  • Analytics and execution decisions – how has the use of analytics changed client execution behaviour

Afternoon coffee and networking break


Panel Discussion: Investment- Responsible Investment and ESG focus the FX overlaps

  • A discussion on best practice of risk managed through investments
  • Risks and opportunities in responsible investment, green finance and climate risk disclosures
  • ESG investing’s unintended consequences- ESG filters and overexposure to better scoring ESG regions
  • Foreign investment in infrastructure and real-estate – FX and regulatory concerns

Bill Hartnett, Head of Responsible Investment, Local Government Super
Susheela Peres Da Costa, Head of Advisory, Regnan


Industry Roundtables

From session to roundtable: take the day’s most interesting issues and engage with your peers in small, interactive roundtable discussions to share best practices and continue the debate.

Roundtable A: Currency management: Hedging best practices and tools

Roundtable B: Applications and Use Cases of Blockchain: Typical challenges faced in implementing Blockchain & current and potential applications of Distributed Ledger technology

Roundtable C: Making the most of exotic currency pairs 

Roundtable D: ESG investing’s unintended consequences- ESG filters and overexposure to better scoring ESG regions

Roundtable E:  A deeper look into RMB: slowing GDP growth, rising inflation and trade war woes, what will this mean for China’s trading partners and companies exposed to RMB?


Industry roundtables- quick fire summaries

Each host will share the key takeaways from their roundtable discussion


Chairperson's closing remarks and end of conference